Other Vision Studios and International Ballet: A Partnership That Inspires

As a film producer, it’s always heartwarming to see other companies and organizations that share the same passion for art. For the past year, Other Vision Studios has partnered with International Ballet to provide video support, and most recently a kickoff video for their “Passport to Dance” fundraising gala. The result was a stunning tribute to the beauty and transformative power of ballet.

The Partnership

Other Vision Studios, a video production company, collaborated with International Ballet, a renowned ballet academy in the upstate of South Carolina, to create a video that showcased the talent and passion of the school’s dancers. The video, titled “Passport to Dance,” was created to serve as the kickoff for the school’s fundraising gala, and set the tone for an evening celebrating the art of dance.

The Video

“Passport to Dance” is a beautiful tribute to the art of ballet. The video features International Ballet students passionately discussing what ballet means to them. They speak about the discipline, hard work, and dedication required to excel in the craft. The video plays like a love letter to ballet that will leave you feeling inspired and in awe of these amazing dancers.

It’s a testament to the transformative power of ballet and the positive impact it has on people’s lives. The stunning visuals and emotional storytelling will leave you wanting more.

The Production

In December 2022, Other Vision Studios was contracted to produce a video of International Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker.” As the shoot date approached, we were asked to expand the production to include a day of shooting behind-the-scenes content. This is nothing unusual, as many event producers like having a little highlight reel to share on social media that showcases the experience. So, we added a shoot day and spent one of the performances behind the curtain, capturing all the activity that goes into pulling off a stunning performance like “The Nutcracker.”

What we didn’t know at the time was what International Ballet actually had in mind. A few months later, we were contacted again to produce a film that would highlight the world of International Ballet and the experience of being an International Ballet dancer. Other than that brief, there weren’t too many other details. So, we got to work brainstorming and having discussions with the client about what sort of access we could have, what sort of budget they had, who they wanted to highlight, and what message they wanted to send. Afterward, we pitched an idea to have teachers, students, and company members answer one simple question: “What is Ballet?”

The result was a truly inspiring video that shows the passion everyone associated with International Ballet has for dance and the impact International Ballet has on the lives of its teachers and students. It played in May 2023 in a successful fundraising gala to support International Ballet, where it was viewed by board members, community arts leaders, and donors.


The partnership between Other Vision Studios and International Ballet is a beautiful example of what can be achieved when companies and organizations come together to celebrate the arts. “Passport to Dance” is a must-watch video for any dancer wanting to rekindle that spark of inspiration that ballet brought to their life. It’s a celebration of ballet and the talented dancers who make it all possible.







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